Radial Pressure Wave Therapy

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Radial Pressure Wave Therapy

An osteopractor is a physical therapist, medical doctor, or doctor of osteopathic medicine that has completed an evidence-based post-graduate training program in the use of spinal and extremity manipulation, ultrasound guided dry needling, instrument-assisted manual therapies, and differential diagnostics for the =diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular conditions.

What is Radial Pressure Wave Therapy?
Radial Pressure Waves (RPW) are acoustic waves that generate oscillations in the tissue. Radial pressure wave therapy helps reduce muscle pain and activate connective tissue, temporarily aid in the increase of blood flow, and help in the treatment of tendinitis in hips and shoulders and helps to improve pain in various musculoskeletal conditions

What are the benefits of RPW?

  • Short treatment time (minutes)
  • Treat large areas Non-invasive and no known significant adverse effects
  • Muscle massage with vibrating applicator
  • Results in a few treatments
  • Alternative to medication

What does RPW feel like?
Patients may report feeling soreness and a thumping sensation when the treatment head passes over dysfunctional tissues. Patients report feeling very little discomfort when it actively travels over healthy tissue. The level of discomfort depends on the area being treated, the settings on the device, and the acuity of the condition. Minor post-treatment soreness around the involved area is not uncommon.

How long do treatments last?
5-10 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?
Generally 4-6 treatments, potentially 8.

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