Myofascial Release

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What is Myofascial Release?

Therapists at Ignite Physical Therapy are trained with myofascial release. Fascia is a network of webbing of connective tissue surrounding every structure of the body. Fascia has viscoelastic (stretching) properties. At times, fascia can become restrictive and restrict muscle and joint movements and or create pain. The restriction at the fascia can create spasms, scars, and or adhesions. The myofascial release techniques can consist of skin gliding, skinning rolling, cross-hand release, laminar release, muscle play, circular friction release, direct and indirect release, deep stroking/Z-friction. With myofascial release, it can reduce pain, improve ROM, tissue flexibility, strength due to the reduction of poor muscle contraction, and functional activities.

At Ignite therapists are trained to perform positional releases. Therapists apply gentle pressure to trigger points and manually perform precise movements to have muscles contract and stretch to reduce painful tender points, improve flexibility, strength, and restore normal muscle contraction and pain-free movement.

At Ignite therapists are trained with Muscle Energy Techniques (MET). Muscle Energy Techniques involve voluntary muscle contractions in precise directions to different levels of intensity against a counterforce to reduce pain, facilitate muscles, inhibit muscles, promote correct body mechanics during functional activities, and proper alignment.

Therapists at Ignite have been trained with different types of joint mobilizations. Joint mobilizations can consist of applying gentle force to skeletal structures and moving structures to precise movements and or positions. The different types of mobilizations performed by a therapist at Ignite are Anterior-Posterior mobs, Mobilizations with Movements, Oscillatory Mobilizations, and Sustain Natural Apophyseal Glides (SNAGS). Joint mobilizations are used to reduce pain, improve joint range of motion, flexibility, improve posture, body mechanics, and functional activities.

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