Functional Strengthening

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What is Functional Strengthening?

At Ignite Physical Therapy, it is our goal to find and treat the underlying cause of your pain and movement dysfunction. To ensure a safe and seamless return to your normal lifestyle, we utilize functional strengthening as part of our rehabilitation process. Functional strengthening prepares your body for real-life movements/situations by utilizing dynamic, tri-planar movements. This means that each patient’s plan of care will vary as per his/her activity level, lifestyle and vocation, making therapy fun and unique.


Pain in Daily Activities?

If you think about the way you move your body to complete daily activities ranging from dressing, showering, reaching into the washer/dryer, lifting your children, throwing or kicking a ball, etc., you may realize that these movements do not occur in one plane or straight lines. They involve a range of movement in different directions and planes involving forward/backward, left/right, and rotational movements. This is why it’s important to incorporate tri-planar movements into the rehabilitation process. Functional strengthening prepares your body for real-life demands and movements. When you leave Ignite Physical Therapy you will be prepared to resume your normal activity, and, in most cases be able to perform an activity in a much more efficient, stronger, and safer manner.

In the heart of functional strengthening and functionally strong individuals lies a strong/stable base, or core. Having a strong foundation creates a stable base for movements to occur. A strong base consists of strong and stable hip musculature, back musculature, and abdominals. These muscles brace, stabilize and control the trunk allowing functional, tri-planar movement to occur in an efficient and stable environment. At Ignite Physical Therapy, we utilize strengthening exercises to engage and promote strength is these often neglected muscles. It is often the neglected muscles that lead to injury in other areas of the body.

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