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Patients Most Common Questions

Do I need a prescription?

No. In most cases, Physical Therapy is a direct access service, meaning you can come in and be treated without a doctor’s prescription. If you are not sure of your insurance situation call us at (480) 480-883-0202 and schedule a FREE SCREEN. You will be screened by a therapist who will assess you injury and discuss treatment plans/options and our staff will verify your insurance and disclose any insurance requirements and out of pocket costs.

If my doctor refers me to Physical Therapy, do I have a choice in providers?

Yes! If you are referred for physical therapy, YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE when selecting a provider. We encourage you to explore your options. We are confident that you will find that Ignite Physical Therapy will exceed your greatest expectations. We are conveniently located on the NW corner of Riggs/Lindsay and have extended hours to accommodate your busy schedule. We have to ability to schedule your first appointment within 24-48 hours. We accept virtually all major insurances and have cash pay packages to accommodate those with high deductible insurances or no insurance coverage.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

Your first visit will last approximately 1 hour and will include a comprehensive evaluation and applicable treatment administered by a licensed Physical Therapist. By the end of the first visit, you should have significant pain relief with improved functional mobility. Your evaluating therapist will be sure that you have a thorough understanding of your injury and its pathomechanics. He/she will educate you on an effective and efficient home exercise program to continue progress. You will have an idea of treatment frequency and duration and associated costs.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card
  • Doctor’s prescription if you were referred by a MD
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